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RadioKey (Securakey) 6" Proximity RFID Tag Reader/Keypad 600 Users An easy to install and to use low priced combination Proximity Reader and Keypad single door system with some amazing features! It includes a built in reader and programming keypad. Connect a PC or serial printer with optional Audit Trail Module. Comes with 10 Prox keys. More keys can be ordered and added at any time.$429.

00 Yale/Arrow NexTouchTouchscreen Electronic Lock The New Yale Nextouch stand alone touchscreen lock combines the functional elements of a cylindrical lockset with the latest technological designed for electronic aesthetic. Easy to install with up to 1000 user code capability. This lock is so attractive designers and architects love it. Don't forget to watch the video of how they beat the heck out of this lock and it just kept on going!$449.

00 Kaba 5000 Heavy Duty Mechanical Pushbutton Lever Lock Now Kaba's newest American made heavy duty lock comes with a 2 year warranty. Order with regular key backup or new best type IC Core type key backup. Now also available in bright brass finish. No batteries needed - completely mechanical! $579.00The Keyless Store's price: $398.00 Schlage RFID Engage Card Lock The new Schlage NDE wireless lock with ENGAGE features a smaller, more aesthetic wireless design and fits a typical cylindrical door prep.

Key cylinder for backup is included and the lock is grade one hardware. It's ADA compliant and made in America. NDE Series locks now BHMA Indoor/Outdoor Rated$549.00 Kaba Heavy Duty Non Electronic Pushbutton Knob Lock We stock all of the most popular models. This is an extremely heavy duty pushbutton combination lock that has been used for many years in mostly commercial installations where high security and long life are important.

Can usually be installed in an existing 2 1/8 inch hole with a small amount of door modification- just 2 small 1/4 inch holes and another 1 inch hole.$349.00 Avea RFID Proximity Stand Alone Access Control System Self contained and no PC required. Features include variable open time for locking and request to exit. Can accept up to 2730 cards or fobs. Now comes with either 10 free Cards or Fobs - your choice.

Amazing value!$179.00 Fulterer RFID Cabinet Lock For Furniture And Cabinet Doors (Set one) $229.00 Vandal Resistant Outdoor/Indoor Access Control Keypad with Built In Proximity Card Reader $279.00 Enforcer Fingerprint Reader And Keypad This ultra compact high quality reader is very easy to set up and use with up to 500 fingerprint or keypad users capacity (1000 total). All features programmed directly from the fingerprint reader/keypad.

No need for an external programmer. Great for government offices, schools or day care centers.$239.00 RFID Proximity Card Reader/Keypad Lock (200 Card Capacity) This new lock shatters the price and complexity barrier for a digital lock with a built in Proximity card reader! Use either code number (PIN) or fob or card or mechanical key to unlock. Since it's battery operated, there is nothing else to buy but the little fobs or cards$255.

00 Dortronics 4300 Series Economical Mantrap Control System The #4300 series door interlock controller provides a high level of access control and an economical solution for 2-door systems. It can be configured on site to control two normally locked doors, two normally unlocked doors or a locked, unlocked pair. Only one door may be accessed at a time making it great for prisons, military, jewelers, airports, banks, casinos and government offices.

$829.00 Avea Single Door IP Proximity Card Reader 10 Cards Free An inexpensive reader/keypad that can be accessed and updated and maintained by an authorized user from anywhere at anytime via the free net attendance software. The iProx TCP54A Ethernet Embedded proximity access controller and software is a powerful offline solution for access control and time recording/attendance. It can accept up to 5000 ID proximity cards or fobs (users) and store 50,000 transaction records!$298.

00 Kaba Mas (Formerly Mas Hamilton) CDX-10 Series Lock These are the very special military grade series of locks. They are unique and there is nothing else like them made anywhere else.$1,774.00 Mechanical Pushbutton Padlock Bump-proof and pick-proof!The only combination padlock we have seen that can be unlocked with your eyes closed!$39.00 Securitron 59 User Digital Keypad Fully Weather-Proof And Water-Proof.

A high security, very sturdy and versatile system. Ten separate buttons (true ten digit) allow almost unlimited combinations. This keypad is fully weatherproof and comes with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty and Securitrons great customer support! All Securitron products include a lifetime warranty!$349.00 Ritenergy Pro R-300 Deadbolt Lock Remote Code Generation Great features including per user timing and resort lock remote code generation.

Never a monthly fee! Ritenergy started with a heavy duty and highly regarded Schlage deadbolt and then improved it by adding some amazing features! Now you'll have the abilty to add many user codes and time them per user and remote programming options. You'll recieve a CD so a code can be generated on PC or laptop from anywhere at no cost.$329.00 CypherLock Continental Instruments Military Type CodeTronic System The Keypad system most popular with the military and goverment installations for more than 30 years.

Extra heavy duty and in stock!$1,249.00 Bigger Combination Keyless Lock Box This key keeper box stores multiple keys or cards - 10 to 15 or so depending on the head size of the key or access cards. This is a very heavy duty little box. This model can be screwed on to any flat surface. By far the biggest and strongest little lock box you can buy. Everybody loves the big box!$59.00 Ritenergy iButton/Keypad Reader W/ Remote Code Generation And Audit Capable With the new heavy duty grade one iCode keypad/reader you can pre enter or schedule codes that are effective for only specific time periods or dates.

Or even generate a new code remotely from anywhere in the world and no monthly fees - ever. It's the ONLY keypad we have seen that can do that.$298.00 Marks IQWik Electronic Pushbutton Lock This lock from Marks USA is the easiest to install of all the heavy duty type locks that we have sold. The Qwik series is Marks USA newest locksets. They offer great value with some very special features. The i-Qwik Line Locksets feature the "Cablegard™" to protect the wiring going through the door.

$479.00 4-Channel RF Transmitter & Receiver Set Control up to 4 devices with one remote. This set uses the most ultra secure CODEBUMP Code-Hopping technology with over 18 quintillion (1.8 x 1019) codes, the chances of ever repeating a code are virtually non-existent. Will work with any electric strike or magnetic lock or any locking device. $229.00The Keyless Store's price: $159.00 Corby Chip (iButton) Heavy Duty Reader - 17 User Capability Unlike some other touch button systems we have seen, you do not need a separate module to make this work.

This system works as follows: A small reader is mounted outside the door, usually on the frame, and the user touches the reader with a small button-type key to activate it.$279.00 Rutherford Heavy Duty All In One Electric Strike W/ Latch Monitor This versatile new electric strike works with 12-24 ac or dc and has simple screw change for fail safe or fail secure and Latch Monitor capability and a thin backset - only 1-1/16 inches! $209.

00The Keyless Store's price: $189.00 MiLocks Remote Control Electronic RF Deadbolt Lock This new RF model can operate from either side of the door with the wireless remote and at a greater distance than the older IR types. Now by adding the optional Network Internet Lock Interface you can unlock your door from the internet with no monthly fee!$139.00 RiteEnergy Grade One Resort/Remote Heavy Duty Lock With the new RiteEnergy heavy duty grade One iCode you can pre enter or schedule codes that are effective for only specific time periods or dates.

This can be done with either PIN numbers (codes) or with optional ibuttons (Dallas Chips). You can even change a code remotely and never pay monthly fees. Audit capable also with the optional audit software.$399.00 UCA Electronic IButton Pushbutton Latch Lock With PC Programming And Audit Trail Capability With this new lock you can pre enter codes that are effective for only specific time periods or dates.

This is a very handy feature for rentals. If your considering another lock at a much higher price - don't! This is the ultimate renters lock and no recurring monthly fees!$298.00 Seco-Larm Delayed Egress Station This micro-controller based unit will provide an effective means of locking an exit door while still providing egress during an emergency.$279.00 Dortronics Bathroom Interlock System (Complete System) The 43211-CB controller unlocks both doors if either door is opened, ending the privacy function and turning off the “occupied” lights.

Activating the “emergency release” push button will also unlock both doors immediately. In case of a fire alarm or loss of power, both doors will automatically unlock to allow immediate egress.$2,029.00 Yale (Assa-Abloy) Electronic Deadbolt Lock High-tech meets security with the Yale deadbolt, the latest addition to the innovative Yale Easy Living security line. With voice-guided programming and state-of-the-art touchscreen technology, form and function come together in one convenient, affordable package.

Just touch the dark out keypad screen lightly and it comes alive ready to accept your personal combination.$239.00 Narcotics Medicine Cabinet With Keyless Lock Keyless and very heavy duty.$529.00 Mini K10 Electronic Cabinet Lock All programming is controlled via the master password with no expensive key to lose or become defective. The compact design of this product allows it to be a solution in a wide variety of applications.

Great for lockers, medical carts, data racks, cabinets, safes, gun boxes and more! Ideal for gyms, schools, hospitals, hotels, care homes, etc. Comes with a 10 year battery.$139.00 Lockey Panic Bar And Digital Keypad Lock This is a complete set. You'll receive the inside panic bar lock and the outside keyless keypad. Lockey PB1100 touch bar style exit device is suitable for all doors (aluminum, hollow metal and wood) where there is no projection on the face.

$506.00 Dortronics Door Prop Alarms Tired of people sneaking in and out the back door? One of these 3 models should do the trick.$509.00 Dortronics 4800 Smart Interlock Controller For Up To 5 Doors The fully integrated controller is a one board solution that allows the installer complete control of all operating and configuration options without complex software. Standard Configuration includes PLC Controller mounted in a 12 x 16 x 4” Enclosure with 4 amp 12/24VDC power supply.

Controls 2 – 5 Doors in Any Combination Locked or Unlocked.$1,990.00 Maximum Security Key Cabinet With Advanced Kaba Self-Powered Lock Constructed of heavy-gauge steel with dual-user controls. Great for auto dealers, military, government and banks.$1,200.00 Essex IP Keypad Access System HID Edge (Keypad Only NO Card Reader) Remote management and reporting feedback are performed through your web browser.

No custom software to install. A “Door Dashboard” provides remote door access commands and provides status, alarms and recent audit events. $1,049.00The Keyless Store's price: $879.00 Cypher Lock Continental Instruments Military Type CodeTronic System Model With Battery Backup $1,699.00 FOB Friendly Key Cabinet - 130 Keyfob Capacity Big head keys are no problem for this key cabinet.

$450.00 The Securitron Electro-Mechanical Gate Lock 2000 Pound Holding Force Not an electric strike or mag lock but a unique new lock made especially for gate access control installations. Electromechanical gate solution offers one ton of holding power.$429.00 Door Magnet Contact 3/8" Wide Gap Press Fit (Pack Of 5) $25.00 Compact IR Proximity Sensor Switch Can be used as a request to exit switch for a maglock or a theft prevention sensor to protect valuables.

Great for museums and art galleries!$49.00 Mini K10 Electronic Cabinet Lock With Built In RFID Card Reader $179.00 Hartmann-Controls Protector And PROTECTOR.Net IP(Multiple Door System) RFID - 2, 4 And 8 Door Access Control System With Hartmann-Controls it's "Access made simple". This new lower priced system was created for small businesses and homes. EZ-ACC is ideal for the smaller installation, or for companies new to access who do not want to be overwhelmed with complexity or support issues.

EZ-ACC is the simplest most cost effective system on the market to date.$2,558.00 Single-Gang Protective Weather Cover $39.00 Heavy Duty Hardened Steel Cylinder Guard Ring (Pack Of Six) If you have a lock that uses a mortise or rim cylinder there is no easier and cheaper way to really improve the effectiveness of that lock.$89.00

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Learn how to lock and unlock the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. On this page: Change password / PIN Turn on / off [Add steps for OEM lock] Change password

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