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In this post you’ll learn… What benefits you can expect from a screened porch. What steps you need to take before starting the process. What you can do on your screened porch. If you need help converting your deck to a screened porch, we can help. Beat the Bugs: Things to Consider When Converting Your Deck into a Screened Porch Do you use your deck as often as you’d like? It’s this lovely outdoor space where you can rest, read, or have a meal…unless it’s too hot, too windy, too rainy, or too buggy out.

If you would like to improve your outdoor space, you can convert your deck into a screened porch. Screened porches have a great amount of benefits, and they are a much more usable, versatile space for you and your family to enjoy than a deck. The Benefits Why should you convert your deck into a screened porch? Because turning your deck into a screened porch has a number of benefits. Increase the Value of Your Home Taking an uncovered deck and converting it to a screened porch can increase the value of your home.

A deck can only be used if the weather permits, while a screened porch is more versatile and appealing. If you do plan on selling your home, this feature will appeal to a large number of buyers. Keep in mind though, a screened porch will not add to the square footage of your home. Usually when you are looking at a home’s square footage, you are looking at the gross living area. This includes the rooms in the house that are above grade, heated, cooled and ventilated.

This usually does not include garages, basements or screened porches. Protection from the Elements Protection from the elements is the biggest benefit a screened porch offers. A deck typically does not have a roof, so you are at the mercy of the wind, sun and rain. With a screened porch you are protected from the sun, and any downpour. You can often use your screened porch when it’s raining and enjoy the sounds as long as the weather is not severe.

Although the screened porch can’t be cooled with an air conditioner, during temperate days you can enjoy the breeze passing through. Finally, the bugs will not feast on you (or your food) on a screened porch. Before You Start Now that you know about the benefits a screened porch can offer, you’re probably raring to go. Before you get started, still, there are a couple of things you need to do first.

Check the Foundation One of the first things that you should do is inspect your foundation. In order to create a screened porch, you will need to add a roof which in turn will add weight to the deck’s foundation and support structure. Make sure that the foundation is solid, fix any deteriorating pieces and this will ensure that you will enjoy many years on your porch. If you don’t know how to ascertain this, you should consult a contractor before starting your project.

How Big Do You Want It? Whether you want to do this yourself or you want to hire a contractor, creating a building plan is a crucial step. You don’t want to be halfway through your project when you realize that you want to do something differently. This will cost you time and money. Start by considering how large you want your screened porch to be. Will you expand on the deck that is already there or will you work with the space provided? Expanding the deck’s square footage will be the more costly option, but it might be a good idea if your current deck is old or unsafe and needs extensive remodeling.

Know What You Want Take the time to browse the internet and find a variety of different screened porches. Look at the options and decide what you want to include. For example, are you a big griller? If so, you probably don’t want the grill inside of your screened in area. If that’s the case, you should plan a screened porch that has an attached deck where you can keep your grill. This way, people can enjoy relaxing in the screened porch while you’re flipping the burgers outside.

Do you want to have lights on your porch? What about a sound system or a TV? If so, you need to plan to have the porch wired. How much furniture do you want the porch to have? If you have a family of six, for example, you should make sure that there is room for everyone. Do you want a bar? Do you want that bar to have a sink? What about a mini-fridge? If you plan for all of these details from the beginning, you will not waste time and money trying to incorporate them later.

Is Your Structure Up To Code? If you plan to add lights, a fan or other electrical elements, more times than not, you will have to consult with a licensed electrician or contractor in order to stay within code permits. Not to mention, it’s a good idea to get a professional involved, especially if plumbing or electric isn’t your day job. You can easily check to see your county’s rules for construction online.

Consider Your Budget Lastly, before you get started, consider your budget. You should do this before you start pricing out materials and labor so you don’t spend outside of your means. After that, request a consultation with a local contractor to see if you’re able to afford a screened porch. If you don’t have enough money to create the porch of your dreams at the moment, take some time to save up for the project.

By setting a goal, you can work to achieve this addition to your home by setting aside part of your expendable income month to month. Converting your deck into a screened porch is a pretty big project, and it is one that many people do not feel comfortable tackling themselves. If this sounds like you, find a good contractor who can help you with every step of the process. Great Day Improvements is an experienced company that can help you transform your dreary old deck into a marvelous screened porch.

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September 15, 2016 Convert your deck into a screened-in porch for the changing season. Your deck was the place to be this summer. You spent long evenings chatting with friends and family, staring upwards at the night sky. When the days weren’t too hot, you enjoyed time spent outdoors during the day, reading the paper and digging into your summer salad. But the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler.

Autumn is on its way and the days of comfortable deck enjoyment are soon to be gone. Maybe you should convert your deck into a screened porch. Add Value to Your Home In a fiscal sense, a screened in porch can be counted in the official square footage of your home, adding to the resale value. In another sense, the screened porch creates a livable environment for you and your family to enjoy year round.

Protect from the changing season A screened porch with a roof will protect your family from the changing season. Weather, bugs, and the sun won’t be an issue when you’re enjoying the outdoors from a covered porch. During the colder months, a space heater will fare much better when the heat can’t escape upwards, and you can enjoy the outdoors with added warmth. Can Your Deck Be Converted? There are a number of factors to take into consideration before you start determining if your existing deck can be converted into a screened porch.

Freedom Fence will visit your home to inspect the deck, and determine exactly what will be necessary to make your dream screened porch. We’ll determine if the roof of your screened porch will attach to the wall or the roof of your home. We’ll check for any vents, windows, or electrical lines that may obstruct construction on the roof. Our expert representatives will walk you through the entire process and determine exactly how to properly execute the vision you have for your porch.

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