Changing Storm Door From Glass To Screen

Picture of Changing Storm Door From Glass To Screen

Thank you for your question.I can understand wanting to know how to do the exchange.I hope the information below will help you with you storm door.The glass and screen are held in the door frame with vinyl retainers that slide into the inside of the door frame. These can be pried out of the door frame with a slot type screwdriver (you may want to use a cloth over the frame or tape the screwdriver shaft to prevent scratches when doing this).

Have someone hold the glass in place while doing this to prevent it from falling out unintentionally. Once the retainers are removed the glass can be taken out of the door and the screen installed by snapping the retainers back in place.When putting the screen or glass into the frame insert the bottom edge first and be sure it is located as far to the outside as possible. This will allow the retainers to go back into the door frame properly.

I hope this will help.Thank you for using Manage My Life.

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The window glass in a storm door can break due to exposure to harsh environmental conditions. Its replacement can be an easy and fun job if done safely and carefully, with the right tools and materials on hand. It is interesting to note, however, that you won’t require any adhesive to attach the new glass, and neither was any adhesive used when the glass was originally attached to the storm door.

There are just screws and clips to hold it in place. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you through the whole process of replacing the glass in a storm door yourself.  Step 1 – Setting the Glass Frame  Once you have removed the frame with the broken glass (the storm door) by unscrewing the hinges, lay it down on a work table. Prior to doing this, cover the work table with an old carpet or blanket.

This will protect the window frame.  Step 2 – Open up the Storm Door  Storm doors are usually held together by very small screws in its corners in very small and tight spaces. Use a screwdriver with a really narrow shank to fit in those corners to unscrew the screws. Remove the screws and store them in a safe place.   Step 3 – Measure the Old Glass Spline  In storm doors, the glass of the windows is separated from the door frame by a glazing spline.

The spline is according to the thickness of the glass. Measure the old glass spline and replace it if it is too rough. Measure it accurately, as altering the new spline will be a complicated process.  Step 4 – Measure the Glass  This is the most important step during this process. It is imperative to take accurate measurements of the old glass before you order a new sheet of glass and have it cut accordingly.

If there’s an error of even 1/8 of an inch, it can be highly problematic to cut off the excess. And if the glass is small by that error margin too, it can fall off when installed, being a waste of time and money since you’ll have to buy a new one. If the glass in the window is cracked, you can lay it on the table and assemble it together to take accurate measurements. If the glass is completely shattered, you will have to take accurate estimations by measuring the spline.

  Step 5 – Finishing the Job  Attach the new sheet of glass into the spline and place it back into the frame of the storm door. When the glass has been fit well, re-attach the storm door and screw in the four screws you took out earlier.   It is very important to wear gloves when handling glass in this procedure. The freshly cut edges are extremely sharp and getting cut from them is inevitable.

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