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Cracked Screen Repairs Is Not That All We Do When it comes getting a cracked screen repair in Austin we got you covered. The phone screen repair is about 90% of what we do. We fix your phone so that those unfortunate accidents were as if it never happened. But what about the other parts of that fragile little smartphone? We have you covered there too. We can also repair most other parts of almost all smartphones including the battery, camera lens, charge port, home button and etc.

We are your one stop cell phone repair shop in Austin Texas. Every cell phone repair comes with a warranty. The warranty covers the part and the labor. If the part malfunctions or our work comes undone, bring it back and we will do it again at no charge to you. Samsung Smartphone Repair S7 Screen Repair - $199 S6 Screen Repair - $199 Note 5 Screen Repair - $229 Note 4 Screen Repair - $209 Back Glass On S7/S6/Note 5 - $59 (special order) HTC Smartphone Repair One M9 Screen Repair - $99 One M8 Screen Repair - $99 One M7 Screen Repair  - $89 Battery Replacement - $59 Charge Port Repair - $59 LG Smartphone Repair LG G5 Screen Repair - $109 LG G4 Screen Repair - $99 LG G3 Screen Repair - $99 Camera Repair - $49 Charge Port Replacement - $59 The Samsung Galaxy repair is the second most common repair we do at our Austin location.

Our most common is the iPhone repair of which we specialize in along with he iPad repair too. We listed some of the other common repairs for HTC and LG but we limited to just those phones. Like I mentioned before, we can repair almost any smartphone. If you don't see the smartphone repair listed above fill out this contact form below with your name, email, number, the model phone & want you need repaired.

We will get back to you within 24 hours with a repair quote. What Phone Do You Need Repaired? Cell Phone Repair Program For Schools & Businesses If your school or business needs fast cell phone or tablet repair we have a program just for you. This program for schools & businesses is not just for the Austin area, we can service the entire United States. For details on how we can repair your technology for your school or business fill out the contact form above with you name, number, email and a brief description on what you have and where you are located.

We will contact you to discuss the details and get you a repair quote. If you are outside of Austin we will pay for the shipping both ways.

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CPR Cell Phone Repair offers free repair price estimates when fixing your favorite devices. We will diagnose the problem and provide an affordable estimate, quickly. As tech experts, we can repair a broad range of electronic gadgets, including cell phones, iPhones, iPads, iPods, Macs/PCs, tablets, cameras, MP3 players, gaming consoles, and drones.

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