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Thanks JM, I appreciate the reply, and I understand that the Z2 can ONLY cast via Chromecast - thats kinda the reason I'm unhappy with this Z2Play.  I'm still trying to figure out WHY this long-standing feature has been disabled/hijacked/removed, except for "Chromecast".   ALL my previous Motorola devices would video output, EASILY. 2010 Droid X - HDMI out port 2011 Droid Razr - HDMI out port 2012 Droid Razr HD - HDMI out port 2013 Droid Maxx - Wireless display, multiple formats 2015 Moto X Play - Wireless display, multiple formats (seemed like all formats) 2017 Moto Z2 - nope, "only Chromecast"  must buy more stuff to keep standard feature working, **bleep**!? Am I the only one who sees this as a step backwards?? The part that gets me is that despite reading SO many reviews that compare so many irrelevant details, nobody bothered to point out this glaring flaw of screen casting being hijacked.

  Maybe the general population doesn't enjoy casting thier pics and videos onto the big screen to share with others.  Maybe nobody uses screen cast as back-up entertainment when the cable or wifi goes down.  Maybe nobody cares except me.  I want to go buy/configure/troubleshoot/carry around 6 Chromecast dongles like I want a hole in the head. Why not make the USB-C port support video out?  Moto getting a cut of new Chromecast sales?  Doubtful.

Help us understand.  This had to be a calculated decision by Moto/Lenovo to go backwards.   My question is how was this rationalized?    What's the purpose/benefit?   Can anyone explain this to me and the rest of the screen casting world?  Why "dumb down" the "smartphone"?? Why?? PS why not fix the line of code blocking it so I don't have to root my phone to do same?  WHY??? Sadly nobody seems to have the answer, or they won't share it, or both.

Add comment below if you miss proper screen casting!

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