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Online Proctoring using ProctorU – Student Guide All online undergraduate courses offered by the School of Business Administration features online proctoring through ProctorU.  Some graduate classes may also use ProctorU.  This means that for tests and exams, a live proctor will use your computer’s webcam to observe you taking the test to ensure the integrity of the test.  Here are some frequently asked questions about ProctorU and online proctoring.

Q:  What is online proctoring?A:  Think about a test you take in a regular classroom on campus.  The test is proctored (supervised by a faculty member or teaching assistant) because of three reasons – to ensure that only the student shows up to take the test, to ensure that you work alone, and to ensure that you are not using unauthorized resources such as the textbook, the internet, or your cell phone.

  With online proctoring, a company called ProctorU will use a live proctor to use your webcam to meet the same three objectives.  First, they will verify your identity.  Second, they will make sure that you work alone (they can see through your webcam if there is anyone else in the room with you).  Third, they will make sure that the test taker is not using any unauthorized resources.  In addition to watching you through your webcam, they can see what’s on your computer, so they know if you’ve opened up any web pages you shouldn’t.

  For more on how proctoring works, see here. Q:  Does it cost me anything?A:  ProctorU does not cost the student anything unless you schedule your test at the last minute.  If you wait to schedule your test within 3 days of the test, then you will have to pay a convenience fee to ProctorU directly using a credit card.  To avoid the fee, be sure to schedule your tests at least 3 days before you want to take the test.

Q:  Is ProctorU a well-known company?A:  ProctorU is the largest online proctoring company in the United States.  It has hundreds of clients including University of Minnesota, Texas A&M, University of Florida, and Ohio University. Q:  How does online proctoring help me?A:  ProctorU ensures a level playing field for all students in an online course, and protects the integrity and value of your degree in the workplace.

Q: Isn’t this an invasion of privacy?A:  It’s important to remember that with online proctoring, there is no more invasion of privacy than happens with a regular face-to-face class.  To verify your identity, ProctorU will ask to see your ID and may ask you some questions about your identity from publicly available databases (such as your home address).  To make sure you work alone, the proctor will ask you to scan your webcam around the room you are in.

  To ensure you don’t open any unauthorized webpages the proctor will be able to see your computer screen, just like a proctor in a classroom can look over your shoulder and see your computer screen.  Just remember that proctors can see you, your room, and your computer.  If you want to protect sensitive information from the proctor, keep these factors in mind.  For example, you can create a separate account on your computer just for taking tests if you don’t want the proctor to have access to anything on your computer other than your web browser.

  Q: How does ProctorU know so much information about me?A: The first part of using ProctorU is for ProctorU to determine that you are who you say you are. In order to do that, ProctorU asks you to answer questions that only you would know. These questions come from public records databases run by companies like Acxiom. If you would like to see what data Acxiom has about you from public databases, click here.

Q: What does ProctorU do with the information it has about me?A: ProctorU is FERPA-compliant. It does not store any personal information about you. Q: I don’t like the idea of someone looking at me because I’m an honest student and would never think about cheating.A: We realize that 99% of our students don’t cheat on exams.  Sadly, however, there are those who do cheat.  When a student cheats, it is grossly unfair to you – the student who does not cheat.

  That student can “throw the curve” if there’s a curve in the class, and they distort average grades in the class.  That’s why 100% proctoring benefits everyone by ensuring a level playing field for exams and tests. Q:  How does proctoring help UD?A:  Many institutions, profit and non-profit, now offer online courses.  Most are reputable, but some are not.  As an AACSB-accredited business school (fewer than 5% of business schools are accredited), we have a strong reputation and brand to defend.

  We don’t want the SBA to become known as an easy way to get an A in online courses.  As a student taking an online course you don’t want an employer to think that SBA online courses are a “joke” or too easy.  That’s why 100% online proctoring ultimately protects you, the student, in the investment you are making in online education, while maintaining the SBA’s reputation.  Q:  What equipment do I need to use ProctorU?A:  You will need a laptop or desktop computer with webcam, microphone, and a stable high-speed internet connection.

  See here for more details.  Q:  What do I have to do to prepare to take a test with ProctorU?A:  Follow the steps below before you take a test with ProctorU.  Create a ProctorU account (video on how to do this is at Test your equipment meets ProctorU's requirements at  Schedule your exam at at least 72 hours before you want to take your test (or pay the close-in scheduling fee).

If you are especially sensitive to proctors seeing your computers you should create a separate operating system account on your laptop just for taking tests, or use a "clean" machine without any personal information on it. Review the rules of the exam (use of notes, websites, etc) provided by your instructor.  If you don’t know, ASK!  It’s really important that you understand the rules of the test in order to avoid an incident report or honor code violation during the test.

The proctor will see you and the room you are in, the entire time you are taking the test.  No one should be in the room you are in, and no one is allowed to enter the room you are in.  You are also not permitted to leave the exam room during the test.  More tips about the exam room can be found here. You have to provide government-issued ID at the beginning of the exam and answer questions from a public database to establish your identity.

 Some international students do not have sufficient history for the public database authentication, so they might need to provide two forms of government-issued ID. You will need to provide a reflective surface such as a mirror or CD so that the proctor can see the edges of your laptop. If you run into any problems you should contact the ProctorU Help Desk (see below).   Faculty and UDIT cannot help students with ProctorU technical questions.

Q:  I scheduled my proctoring session to start at 9 AM.  Does that mean my test will start at 9 AM?A:  No it does not.  Before you can start your test the proctor has to 1) authenticate your identity by asking you questions only you would know (these questions come from publicly available databases and are not stored by ProctorU, see for more information) and 2) secure the testing environment.

 This process will take about 10 minutes.  Please plan accordingly. Q:  Am I allowed to call my professor during an exam proctored by ProctorU?A:  ProctorU does not allow phone calls to anyone because they can't verify the identity of the caller on the other end of the line. Q:  Will I have the same proctor during the whole exam?A:  Not necessarily.  Proctors sometimes end their shifts or go on break during an exam.

 When this happens, you'll be notified in the chat box.  You can continue your test even when there's a proctor change. Q:  Can I take a practice exam with ProctorU?A:  No, students cannot take a practice exam.  However, you are strongly encouraged to connect with a live proctor for free (link) and speak with live representatives who can make sure you are ready to take the exam at the designated time.

 Do this well in advance of the actual exam! Q:  What if I’m entitled to extra time on exams due to a disability?A:  Students who need extra time for testing should self-identify (as they normally do in a face-to-face classroom) with the proper documentation from OLR to the faculty member teaching the course.  Q:  Who can I turn to for help?A:  Contact the ProctorU help desk at 1-855-772-8678 or by email through their contact form.

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84 3083 Independence DrBldg ELivermore, CA 94551 (855) 772-8678 Update: Had another test today. It started fairly soon after the scheduled time. Everything was great until the proctor changed, which you think would be fine cause it happens in the background.. but supposedly my video feed drops EVERY time I'm transferred to another proctor. What happens then you may ask? The proctor interrupts my test to take over my mouse to refresh the video feed! When it happened the first time, I didn't think much of it.

Then it happened again, when I only had 5 minutes left to write my test! It may not be the worst proctor service, but it isn't the best either. The worst company ever! I had not idea that the proctor was going to leave her mic on while talking and setting up other clients! After my TIMED test started I received a chat message that the proctor would need to take control of my screen AGAIN in order to restart the video.

Then, I hear instructions to grab my phone (which I've already put away at this point) and show her my screen, then put my phone away. I'm talking to her and getting no response. I then realize she's talking to someone else but failed to tell me this as she spoke right into my ear! Then, she takes control of my screen without warning and takes about 10minutes, DURING MY TIMED TEST to reset the video, which I'm sure messed up because she was trying to set up someone else to be proctored!! IN THE MIDDLE OF MY TIMED TEST!!! Needless to say, i failed! I ran out of time and panicked and began filling in answers.

It's supposed to be 1 minute per question, but my proctor wasted 20minutes of my test time with BS. Like other reviewers said, I did not have good experience yesterday. It took 30-35 minutes for their tech to 'run' the app on my MacBook. My exam was suppose to start at 8:50 pm, instead it started at 9:37 pm. The proctor changed the entire settings of my MacBook and after the exam, the proctor was changed.

He was ready to go and when I asked him to change the settings back to original, he changed very few settings and just disconnected and led me to a review page. My bluetooth was turned off. My key board settings were OFF. I still cannot figure the volume setting. The maximum volume is too low. I tried the sound preferences in the setting, set the bar to maximum and everything, but nothing helps. I don't know what kind of change in setting did the proctor do.

Also, it was super weird that the proctor was able to see and hear me and I was not able to see nor hear them. I was very conscious and creeped out in the beginning because of that. The initial proctor made me use a single scratch paper at a time. She did not allow me to use any book (unrelated to the subject) or the bundle of scratch paper to keep underneath for padding. I was giving the exam on the bed, which was more comfortable to me.

But writing on the single scratch paper on a bed without padding, was so frustrating and made me late for my questions. I did finish my test and passed, but the ease of giving the exam with ProctorU was highly disappointing. This company is absolute dogshit. I have never had one encounter go smoothly with them. Everytime I try to take a test I get transferred to another technician and wait another 30 minutes.

Honestly if I knew my school was using them I probably would have picked a different School. I don't hate very many things but I hate proctoru. No stars P.s. it's super weird seeing them seeing you take your test. Just weird. Why not let you see me but I don't want to freaking see you it's weird bro I am currently a student at UoPeople and it always requires a proctor for the final exams and ProctorU was recommended to me by them.

I have had hired ProctorU for about 5 times till now and I never had any complaint against them. Their staff is friendly, nice, who mind their own business and do their job perfectly. My session itself went quite smoothly, and I was able to get my test started in under half an hour, but I was faced with a bigger problem afterward. I knew that the proctors ask for full control over your computer during sessions, but I was under the impression that the proctor would make sure everything was changed back to normal once the session was completed.

Once I disconnected with my proctor, I found that my entire desktop has been cleared to a normal blue screen without any of my files. I would've thought the proctor would've changed everything back to normal before ending the session, but all of my files on my desktop were removed and my laptop settings were all set back to default. I'd suggest using an old computer to take the test, if you don't want to lose any files.

Wasting 1 hour of my time complaining about how "dark" my room is and doing all kinds of bullshit like "contacting my teacher" at 10pm on a Saturday night to see if my work space is "acceptable". They did this only after I proved to them that my exam deadline is Today at midnight (which they didn't believe). Oh and they also kept trying to take control of my computer for no reason at all: I don't know how to add photos so here is a short copy/pasted chat log: 9:58 PM Grace Yu: and I need to complete it 9:58 PM Grace Yu: before midnight tonight 9:58 PM Grace Yu: and it is already 10 9:58 PM Grace Yu has revoked all permissions.

9:58 PM Jada D.: My managers have looked at your environment and have ruled that is not an acceptable area to take the exam. I can show you how to reschedule.I 9:58 PM Remote Control by Jada D. stopped. 9:58 PM Grace Yu: no... 9:58 PM You have denied full permission to Jada D.. 9:58 PM You have denied full permission to Jada D.. 9:58 PM Grace Yu: please stop. 9:59 PM Grace Yu: please let me talk to your manager 9:59 PM Jada D.

: If you will let me borrow your mouse I can go to your exam site to be sure. 9:59 PM You have denied full permission to Jada D.. 9:59 PM Grace Yu: I can show you 9:59 PM Grace Yu: the exam 9:59 PM Grace Yu: and hte proof 9:59 PM You have denied full permission to Jada D.. 9:59 PM Grace Yu: stop it. Why such a rich program like UT Austin would sign up for this is beyond me. Took 80+ minutes to start and due to one of the connections I lost 23 minutes.

Asked the proctor multiple times if I can make up the test and he kept insisting he could extend it (I knew he couldn't) so fortunately I just hauled ass. Still couldn't finish the final but I'll take that up with the prof. It's a crap service. Had to log in repeatedly with 2 computers to finally get going but way too many bugs and crashes for me. For reference, I was using two macs. Too many other crap to cite but I've wasted enough of my night on this service.

Avoid if possible. I'm sorry if your institution actually makes you use it. Worst company ever! It took 4 1/2 hrs before I could take my test!! I was scheduled for a 9:30 am practice exam, and my actual exam was scheduled for 2:10 pm. I encountered many technical issues with them, they transferred me to 4 proctors, 2 techs, and finally I was able to take my practice exam 10 mins before my actual exam was scheduled.

Very stressful! It's stressful enough having to take an exam, let alone having to deal with so many issues on their part. Not sure, but I think this company outsources and is routed to Asia. Thanks don't think the proctors and techs are onsite at the US location. Absolutely livid. I've been sitting here for an hour and 20 minutes with them doing everything from telling me to move closer to my router (I'm 2 inches away), reboot my computer, connect with a cable, and nothing is working.

I've had no issues playing games or doing anything on any other site today. They keep saying it's my internet when I have 5 bars. I can't reschedule for another day because I work all day tomorrow, and I just started this job. This is after talking to 7 people. I rescheduled it for this evening, and it took 45 minutes to get everything set up. I took the exam, then another 20 minutes to reconnect so that I could be cleared and they confirm I finished the exam.

SLOW. UNINFORMED. INATTENTIVE. This is a reasonably good idea that is just too poor in it's execution. University efforts to stretch their budgets in any way possible are the only explanation I can see for the survival of this business. Lucky for Proctor U, customer choice doesn't involve students at this time. I logged in promptly at 6:10 PM for my 6:10 PM appointment, and then got transferred from technician to technician repeatedly (4 or 5 times).

I started my exam just over ONE HOUR later. This was mildly inconvenient, considering it was a 3 hour exam that I had planned my day around and that I needed to be up at 5 AM. Mind you these delays were not a result of me having a slow connection, password problems, or outdated software. The delay was Proctor U. On to the exam. Despite the visible exam instructions urging students to support conclusions with screen shots of our modeling (we were to upload Word documents as exam answers for a statistical modeling exam), the proctor had to ask around as to whether I would be permitted to do this.

I certainly understand that probably very few exams would need something like this, but you might think they'd have some protocol for tailoring their use to posted exam instructions (they acknowledged that they were reading these instructions off my screen on the course website). I explained that I could not move on to the next part of the exam before submitting this portion. After 40 minutes of "reaching out" and asking around, they said no.

The amusing part of all of this was that after carefully checking my computer, test-taking environment, and ID, the proctor apparently did not notice that the modeling software used for this course operates in a virtual Windows machine. Granted, my desktop background probably doesn't matter on an open book/notes test. But after changing about half the settings on OSX, the proctor did not seem to notice Windows was even running, or that I was switching back and forth quite frequently.

If strict supervision of the test-taker is an aim, this is a big oversight. My recommendation, if you must use this service (and probably nobody is choosing to) is that you create a new user profile as a throw-away for the exam. Before you take the exam, the proctor is going to go through and change a whole bunch of your system settings that will take you a while to go back and restore. Might as well do this on a dummy profile.

To their credit, the (multiple) Proctor U employees I chatted with were each courteous and worked to be helpful while working within their constraints. And I don't think the $5 fee for scheduling inside of 72 hours is unreasonable. While I applaud university interest in academic honesty, Proctor U added enough of a headache that I will check before enrolling in all future electives to make sure they don't use Proctor U.

I'd urge anyone with a choice between courses or programs to factor in the added inconvenience of forcing Proctor U into your academic schedule when making your enrollment decisions. For me, once was enough! spent a lot of money for convenience, but this is anything but convenient. Expect a 2:00 exam to start at 3:00, no standard with which they go through the security protocols (I once had to flip through all the pages of my textbook for an open note exam), the proctors just pass you back and forth, and none of them can ever answer your questions, they just ask if you would like to reschedule.

Absolutely horrible, would rather drive two hours to use an actual proctor. Can I give it 0 stars? After having my exam rescheduled without my permission twice (I didn't complain), I finally logged in to my exam the second it was available. Ended up being passed off to different support techs and given a few weird instructions that didn't seem to ever work. My exam started over an hour late. I don't need to detail the inconvenience that this caused me, or how important my time is to me.

I'll just say this-- if I pay for a service, i expect to receive the service I paid for. I paid to have an exam at 11 am, and the wait time was totally unacceptable. Unfortunately this is my only option for taking my final, but I would not use them if I didn't have to. Thanks for proctoring my exam yesterday. I was extremely thrilled to find out that I paid $25 to not start my exam on time, be swapped between multiple proctors throughout my test taking appointment, and, icing on the cake, be given the INCORRECT MIDTERM.

Yes, you provided me with & proctored me taking the wrong midterm for 2 hours and did not even realize. Then you allowed me to submit the incorrect midterm to my Professor (which was a 20+ minute process because the proctor couldn't tell me how I was supposed to submit it). But, what thrills me even more is that, because of your idiotic mistake, I now have to retake the midterm...the correct midterm.

I'd like to ask for my $25 to be refunded but then I'd have to deal with the incompetent individuals who work at ProctorU. This company deserves NO STARS. I almost didn't write a review because of the 1 star I was required to give in order to do so. Fuck this place. ProctorfuckU, $20 to take a fucking test. Are you kidding me? Go to hell proctorfuckU. Eat shit. WORST COMPANY EVER. 10/10 WOULD NOT RECOMMEND.

Complete garbage. Waste of time and money. Do not use this service. If you're forced to, note that they will disable your screenshot capabilities and not revert them. To undo their absolute nonsense, System Preferences - Hardware - Keyboard - Keyboard Shortcuts - Screen Shots. If I could give them a negative star I would. This is the worst service ever. I have taken many exams with them and every time it takes at least and hour before I am even start my exam.

I have sat and watched my Proctor joke around while I'm sitting there waiting to take my test. So expensive and such a waste of time. After rescheduling 4 times now I'm locked out of the Proctor U site. I rescheduled because my connection wasn't strong enough supposedly. I honestly feel like they don't want me to take my exam! How many black ppl have struggled with this site? Should I hire a white lady to take the exam for me? I'm serious this midterm is too hard to fucking access! Do not risk your education on this service.

They were polite enough and the software worked fine. I had an intense mathematical exam with a permitted formula sheet. They allowed for formula sheet but would not allow me spare paper despite showing exam instructions allowing it. They allegedly contacted the university and concluded it still wasn't allowed despite other students using using the service being permitted use (I talked to them after).

Nerves are already high because you are doing an exam, and then I am forced to perform all calculations and formula's without writing ANYTHING down. If this is an option for you, opt out! Taking the chance with your education is not worth it. Sure it could go great, but you also could end up being screwed over like myself and many others. Expensive and ALWAYS a headache. Avoid if possible. I am being forced to use them through the University of Central Oklahoma.


Wilma Lawrence

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