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The one I bought was for my 5c (it's not listed on the cover of the tin, but it fits perfectly). The instructions were brain-dead easy to follow and the plastic application tray design makes it IMPOSSIBLE to mess up (misalign) the screen protector placement. I mean, you'd have to DO IT WRONG, to do it wrong. Seriously! To think I spent $35 at Verizon for the Zagg and $25 for the Verizon model before it.

NEVER AGAIN!!! I'm tempted to buy a few spares, just in case they stop making these! Thank you WalMart, for having the easiest-to-apply tempered glass screen protector EVER!!! Verizon didn't have any 5c screen protectors in stock (thank you, Verizon!)... may you stock these for years to come!!! The ONN version is a little cheaper, but not sure if it also comes with an easy plastic screen applicator tray setup, like the BlackWeb.

I didn't get it, because it didn't cover everything on my 5c like the BlackWeb does. Best $10 I ever spent!!!

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The principal reason of contemporary laptop monitor savers is entertainment and sometimes even, security. However, they have been at first made to avert phosphor burn-in on plasma laptop or computer screens in addition as CRT equipment. Screen savers assisted to circumvent these detrimental results by instantly altering the images in the event the laptop was not being used.

Allow me to inform you of the brain maximizing approach I had stumbled on right after loading a very big number of images into My Pictures file, which was routinely hooked, perhaps like your computer established up, to my screen saver application. Immediately after sitting down and viewing it sooner or later, I pointed out how it spurred on my mind and increased my spatial reasoning prior to designing periods. It definitely aided and that i was astonished.

Purchased August 24, 2017. I had already purchased the Blackweb Screen Protector for my Iphone 7 at Wal-Mart before I read the reviews. Since one of them was very negative, I was a little nervous about the install, however since I already had it, I decided to give it a try. Apparently the person that had so many air bubbles either did not read the directions, or had a defective screen, which can happen with any product on occasions.

But since his was so negative I had to write about my experience.The application process is so EASY it is unbelievable. The Tin Container is designed with two plastic trays inside, drop the phone into the bottom tray, make sure it is sitting level, clean the screen with the furnished “screen cleaner wipe”, then dry it off with the lint free cloth provided, and peel off the backing of the screen protector that is attached to the other plastic tray.

Drop the tray into place, rub the screen in place, and then hold the screen in place with your finger and remove the top plastic tray, and you have a perfect placement. Then smooth out what few bubbles may be there with the lint free cloth. I only had two very small air bubbles on the bottom next to the on button, and they rubbed out very easy. When they got to the edge I used my finger nail to work out the air on the edge.

I then continued to rub with the lint free cloth until I felt like it had a good stick. The info on the outside of the Tin Container says, “Easy 1-swipe application”. It is not a “1 swipe” application, but is very close. I have installed many screen protectors, and this is without a doubt the easiest ever. $9.88 at Wal-Mart plus tax.

Wilma Lawrence

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