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Apple Products and ServicesiPhones (product)How do I remove the dark spot that's appeared on the inside of my iPhone screen?Chuck Rogers, Apple consultant, former employee, and fan. iPhone owner.Answered 18w agoThanks for the A2A.As the other answers have all indicated, there is nothing you can do yourself to fix this problem. Take your iPhone to an Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Center and get an estimate for screen replacement.

Antonio Galahad, owned iPhones & Androids but I'd still go for an iPhoneAnswered 54w agoGenerally spots, happen because your display has cracked and those LED’s or that piece of LCD is broken and no longer functional.Thus your screen cannot recover from that. Unless you can turn back time & stop your phone from dropping.Unless that is possible, your other choices include, make this phone a gift A) or B) change your display.

Either in Apples Stores or at a GSM service point.Both work very good.GSM services offer SWAP Display for iPhones, due to the fact that Apple does not sell original screens. A swap involves swapping the display of another iPhone which is no longer functional, either iCloud blocked or broken (motherboard shortcircuit etc).Either way, you can’t remove that spot.John P Benfield, Years as a field service engineerAnswered 49w agoIt sounds like the LCD is damaged.

Replacement is the only viable option (either the LCD or the entire phone). From what you’ve described, it’s likely heat damage rather than some sort or bump or physical trauma. I haven’t seen it on an iPhone, but I’ve seen a lot of other displays exhibit that dark spot/black hole, when the battery underneath overheats.Look online for a local iPhone repair and get a quote for a screen replacement for your specific phone model (make sure that they know that the glass isn’t damaged or you’ll end up being quoted for glass, encoder and display).

Then book a Genius Bar appointment and get a quote from your Apple Store. If they give you a better deal, let them at it, otherwise kick back to the repair shop.Usually, for just the display, it will be cheaper to get it repaired by a third party. Displays aren’t that expensive and it’s a relatively easy swap. Apple will generally charge a flat rate that treats any display problem as a phone swap.

You may get lucky and be under warranty or it may be a common problem that they’re cutting people slack on.Miguel Angel Taveras, Certified in Apple IOS troubleshooting via Apple IOS CertificateUpdated 17w agoI'm a technician at an Apple Store and it sounds like you damaged your LCD screen. If your phone is under warranty still (less than a year old without AppleCare) then most likely a technician will just replace the screen in warranty if there is no physical damage to the glass screen itself so you won't have to pay for it.

If it isn't in warranty then it's $149 for any iPhone 5–8 - $169 for any plus models.Chris Summers, Worked in cellphone sales and service for 5 years, computer also for 15 years.Answered 4w agoThe LCD may have been damaged and need replacement under the glass . You should take the iPhone to an apple store and get a quote on a repair or if the iPhone is an older model you may look into replacing it yourself .

This does not sound to be a simple thing that will go away without replace and repair .Nathaniel PellegrinoAnswered 109w agoReplace the screen. You probably damaged the LCD crystal inside. Can you post a picture of the damage?

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