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The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has a big 5.5-inch display with curved glass on both sides of the screen. If you’ve had one for a year the screen may have some scratches. It wouldn’t though, if you had a screen protector. With that in mind, these are the best Galaxy S7 Edge screen protectors. With the new Galaxy S8 available we’re seeing more and more Galaxy S7 deals. As a result, there are a lot of new Galaxy S7 owners that need accessories.

 Many are using the phone again too, now that the Galaxy Nougat update has arrived. Read: 95 Best Android Apps One question we keep getting is about the curved 5.5-inch screen of the Galaxy S7 Edge, and if users can add a screen protector. More importantly, tempered glass screen protectors and not a film that won’t last. The answer is yes, there is Galaxy S7 Edge screen protectors that work. While we’ve already detailed some excellent official accessories for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge for buyers, as well as some of the best cases, users who recently bought one are looking to protect their screen.

Out of the box, the new Galaxy S7 Edge is very durable. Samsung’s added a scratch-resistant and strong Gorilla Glass 4 technology to both the front and the back, but that also means a drop could crack the glass on either side. It’s also IP68 dust and water-resistant, so it’s far more durable than earlier models. Read: 7 Quick Chargers for the Galaxy S7 Edge When it comes to protecting a smartphone, the biggest concern is usually the display.

Screens are one of the first things to get damaged. From keys in a pocket or it breaks when dropped. To prevent that, we’ve gathered a list of screen protectors. Some are “HD Clear” covers but curved to wrap around the sides, which is exactly what buyers will need. Popular brands like Spigen and ZAGG have durable real glass screen protectors too. One thing to keep in mind is the curved glass makes installs difficult to get right.

It takes patience or you can buy a regular film from our list below. Skinomi Galaxy S7 Edge TechSkin When it comes to protecting the Galaxy S7 Edge, don't cheap out when it comes to screen coverage. It's more prone to damage because of the curved glass. Skinomi is a trusted brand that's been around for a long time and makes some of the best screen protectors. This protector uses curved plastic, not glass.

The Skinomi TechSkin perfectly covers the entire screen. You can still install a case without it pulling up the protector, too. This accessory has precision cutouts for the fingerprint scanner, earpiece, and sensors. Skinomi also has a Matte finish (fingerprint resistant) option that's worth trying out. Buy the Skinomi Galaxy S7 Edge Protector for $7.85 or $9.95

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Ben Sin The Otao tempered glass screen protector is the best one I've tried. This is a bit embarrassing to admit, but I've probably spent more than a hundred US dollars on tempered glass screen protectors over the past two years on five devices: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy S8, Huawei P9 Plus and OnePlus 3. Dropping a benjamin on screen protectors for five phones may not seem that much to Americans and Europeans, who have to pay jacked up prices of $15-20 bucks for things like tempered glass protectors and cases, but in China -- where all these things are made -- you can buy them for like five bucks a pop.

So how did I rack up that high a bill if I can buy protectors for that cheap? It's because I keep whipping them off after a few weeks or days and buying a new one. In all, I've purchased probably 25 to 30 protectors for those five phones -- it was nearly impossible to find one that didn't suck. This wasn't always the case: screen protectors used to all fit pretty well, regardless of brand. But when smartphones began curving its screens, that's when tempered glass screen protectors began suffering in quality.

There's a pretty detailed explanation as to why a curved screen is much harder to make a glass protector for, but the TL;DR version is that tempered glass screen protectors manufacturers used to be able to place adhesive over the entire glass protector the coverage area was completely flat, but once the displays began curving, manufacturers could only place adhesive on the edges of the protector.

Having adhesive only on the edges usually lead to several problems: the first and most important is a loss of touch sensitivity on the middle area of the screen because the protector is only really taped down on the edges. The second problem is that the adhesive on the edges tend to trap dirt/dust/muck and create a very unsightly ring of crap around the screen, as can be seen below on my old Galaxy S8 protector.

Ben Sih Look at all that muck. Yuck. Because I have a near OCD obsession with keeping my smartphones in pristine condition both functionally and aesthetically, the muck and loss of sensitive, even if minor, would often lead me to rip off the protector and try another brand. That's how I ended up dropping that much dough on a sheet of cheap glass, all in the name of protecting the displays of my phones.

With the Galaxy S8, I went through several forms of protectors, from tempered glass by AmazingThings to Samsung's own plastic film protector, but ultimately none satisfied me -- until I came across the brand Otao.  This protector differs from the others in several ways: one, the coverage area is actually smaller than usual, in that it just barely, barely covers the curved edges. This makes the tempered glass protector more compatible with smartphone cases, which has a tendency to clash with curved screen protectors, but also reduces the loss of sensitivity because the adhesive is closer to sticking flat to the display instead of a curved angle.

In fact, the Otao protector for my S8 did not result in loss of sensitivity at all, I could type as I normally would. The best part, however (for an OCD dude like me anyway), is that the protector doesn't really trap dirt around the edges the way other ones do. I've had the protector on for a few weeks, and so far it looks mostly okay. There's slight dust trapped, but a heck of a lot better than the photo above of my older protector.

Ben Sin The Otao protector. You can kind of tell Otao puts more effort into producing the protectors than other brands by just the packaging. The Otao pack comes with a wet wipe and dry wipe for removing oil and dust, a microfiber cloth, and even an installation tray. The tray essentially helps guide your protector so it fits perfectly on every try. As someone who's struggled in the past to put on protectors to fit every side evenly, the tray removed a lot of stress.

Ben Sin The installation tray. Simply put it over the phone, then drop the protector on top. Since the Otao case barely goes over the edges of the phone, it should work with almost any case. I've made a video of the installation process below along with a typing test with the protector. I just hope Otao makes protectors for other devices because they've won me over with their S8 protector.

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