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As a vlogger, it’s only natural that you’ll be looking for the best vlogging camera with a flip screen. After all, articulating screens can help you make sure everything is okay while you record. These cameras can save you a lot of time.This is why I’ve made a list of the best cameras with flip screen. Here it is: List of the Best Vlogging Cameras with Flip Screen You will notice that there are no camcorders and DLSRs onn this list.

That’s because they belong to another list. These cameras are all small and comfortable to carry, so they’re great for vlogs. Check these posts if you prefer another kind of camera: camcorder or DSLR. Remember to think about the price of a good microphone before getting one of these cameras. Here are multiple lists of microphones you could get. You can use it to determine if your budget will be able to handle a camera + a good mic for video blogs.

You will notice that some of these cameras are really good but don’t come with an external microphone port. In this case, you could buy a portable recorder and connect a lavalier mic to it. Either way, every camera in this post is worth every penny. Now, let’s begin. Table of Contents Reviews of the Best Cameras with a Flip Screen This isn’t an ordered list. This means that I don’t think that the first one I will feature is the best one.

You will find cameras of different price ranges. They are all good, but some are better for certain needs. You should choose the one that you think is better for your content. Here they are: Canon Powershot G7X Mark II Canon’s Powershot G7X Mark II is the latest release that vloggers should be aware of, and that’s why it’s first in this list. This is an improved version of a small camera that already looked like made for vlogging.

Compared to the G7 X, this one is faster, has better performance in low light, more battery life and a new rubber grip. I’m normally very skeptical when it comes to new versions of cameras that are already good, as I often feel like they perform almost the same and it’s just an excuse from the brands to sell them at a higher price, but I was wrong with this one. What made the G7 X great was his almost given-for-free lens.

It’s a fast f/1.8 24-100mm lens that can zoom out enough for you to record yourself while holding the camera and that can also zoom in enough to get rid of perspective distortion when using it at home on a tripod. That’s the main feature, but it also offers many more advantages, for example: Its quality in low light is basically the best you could achieve with a 1’ CMOS sensor camera. It’s also responsive and has a fast, accurate autofocus.

Its flip screen is also a touchscreen, so you can actually change its focus point with the tip of your finger in the middle of a video. It also comes with time-lapse recording mode, which was lacking in the first version (although it’s still achievable in the older model). The quality of this camera —especially its lens—, its reliable auto modes and its fully manual mode make it possible to record high-quality vlogs without having to carry around heavy equipment.

This version doesn’t get rid of all the problems the G7 X has, although it does improve a lot its battery life. The main downside is that it still doesn’t have a mic input, but that’s just normal for compact cameras. I still don’t think The G7 X Mark II it’s worth if you already have the G7 X because it is pretty expensive, but if you’re upgrading from a cheaper camera, it’s better to just go for the Mark II.

Camera Highlights Panasonic LX10 Panasonic is a really good brand for small cameras that can record really good video. For vloggers, one of the most important models to consider is the Panasonic LX10. It is a close call when you compare it to the G7X Mark II, since this one offers what it seems, on paper, a faster lens and better (4k) recording quality. The 4k recording is really good.

The camera achieves beautiful colors and can record 4k clips for 15 minutes straight without overheating. This is a really good performance demonstration, but there are also some other things that the G7X does better. For example, the G7X comes with better image stabilization, so it achieves less shaky image. And it also has a better (although not perfect) autofocus. The camera also performs better in low light, as its lens stays faster as you use the zoom when compared to the LX10.

This is what you’re trading for going for the LX10 instead of the G7X; basically a more stunning image with incredible colors, for a slightly worse performance overall. It is still one of the best vlogging cameras you can choose, so get this one if you don’t think you need to rely too much on autofocus, or maybe if you don’t think you will be running a lot with your camera. Camera Highlights 4k recording Good lens quality Pocketable Realistic colors Panasonic Lumix G7 Panasonic doesn’t make many cameras, but the few ones they got are a really good fit for vlogging.

The Panasonic G7 is my favorite from them when it comes to vlogging cameras. This one simply has all the additional features vloggers love. We could wrap up this camera by simply saying that you will sacrifice a bit of low-light performance in exchange for being able to connect an external mic to your camera, and 4k recording quality. This is really comfortable for vloggers since that’s one less step you’ll have to go through during the editing process.

There will no need for you to sync audio and video if you want to have the best audio quality. Additionally, you will be able to set a shotgun microphone on the hot shoe of the camera, which combined with a gorilla pod will be the perfect vlogging setup. The low-light performance will suffer a bit, together with the ability to achieve the “blurred background” effect some vloggers like to have.

This is due to its sensor size being a Micro Four Thirds, which is slightly smaller than the APS-C found in most mirrorless cameras. But if you are a vlogger, you will probably record mostly outside your house, and an MFT sensor is more than enough for that. This is the way Panasonic can give more features to buyers: by freeing space with a MFT sensor. Still, remember that you can record 4k video at 30fps with this baby.

This is definitely a really good trade for vloggers, and that’s why I can’t leave this post without mentioning this camera. As a side note, remember to get a lens with image stabilization, since this camera body doesn’t have one built in. This is the advantage of having an interchangeable-lens camera. Camera Highlights 4k recording External microphone port Really light for a mirrorless Great price for a 4k interchangeable-lens camera Sony a5100 Sony is the first brand you think of when talking about mirrorless cameras.

After all, they gave fame to this new competitor of the DSLR. Their recent models, the Sony Alphas 6000, 6300and 6500 got a lot of good reviews and it seems they are getting closer to being simply better than any DSLR. However, none of these models have an articulating screen that you can use for vlogs.The a5100 is the most recent camera from Sony that does have a flip screen. And even though this camera has some years, it is still a vlogging favorite.

After all, it seems like built for video blogs. It lacks few things you won’t need (like viewfinder), but it has the nice flip screen, 1080p60 video quality, APS-C sensor that works great in low light, and it’s lightweight. You will only miss the external microphone port, but this is not a surprise due to its low price range. It is one of my favorite mirrorless cameras to recommend for vloggers, right next to the Panasonic GH4 and G7, although this one is a lot cheaper.

So if you’re a starting vlogger and want the best you can get for the smallest amount of money, the a5100 should be your main choice. In fact, I’d prefer this one if I need to do a lot of recording indoors over the much more expensive compact Canon Powershot G7X MII. Camera Highlights Low-light performance comparable to DSLRs Affordable Much lighter than a DSLR 1080p60 recording that allows slow motion Canon EOS 80D If you are a follower of the most important Youtube channels in 2017, you probably have noticed that most of them still use a DSLR.

Content creators like Casey Neistat and Jake Paul still seem to prefer this kind of camera to give their vlogs the most quality. The truth is that DSLRs aren’t dead yet, and there are still quite a few new models that have excellent performance for vlogger despite their size. Between DSLRs, I believe the best one for vlogging is the Canon EOS 80D. The main reason? It has amazing autofocus for video, a flip-out screen, great battery life, and of course, external mic port.

This year model comes with a new sensor and processor that improved the image quality over its predecessor, the 70D. It is also not too heavy, so it is a good option to take advantage of a DSLR without having to deal with their size disadvantage. If you get a gorilla pod to go with it and a good 24mm lens from the huge selection Canon offers, you will certainly take a lot of advantages from this camera Camera Highlights Decent weight for a DSLR (730g) Wide selection of good lenses from Canon Best battery life (960 shots) Probably the best video autofocus in this list Canon EOS M3 If you read the review above, you already know the good and the bad about mirrorless cameras.

This one also has a big sensor in a small body. It also weighs a little bit more than the G7X, but has the sensor size of a 80D. This one cannot record 4k video, just up to 1080p30, but it does offer some other advantages that are good reasons to include it on this list For example: This camera does just what a good mirrorless for vlogging should do. It has everything you will want as a video blogger to have a good experience while recording videos: flip screen, good image quality, external microphone port, WiFi and Touchscreen.

Its low-light performance isn’t the best, and its image quality isn’t unique for its price range. But the thing is that it achieves what you’ll want to make vlogging much easier, without having to pay too much for it. I’ll tell you that Canon is not the king of Mirrorless. This is just one of their attempts to beat Sony in that market, but that’s something they won’t be able to do with this camera.

Sony does have better quality Mirrorless cameras for around the same price. However, they aren’t as vlog-friendly as this one. And that’s why this one stands out on a list like this. You will appreciate a lot the fact of having a flip screen and a mic port for better audio, which for me it’s the most important thing you should worry about as a video creator. The Canon EOS M has just what you will want for a vlog camera.

It has an almost-perfect balance between vlog-friendly features, quality and price. It’s a camera that’s excellent in good light, and has all Canon lenses available as long as you get the right adaptor. Tell others about your vlogging journey:

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Table of Contents Shooting vlogging videos without a helper is hard enough as it is, and it’s even more difficult if you don’t have a vlogging camera with a flip out viewfinder screen. In order to take selfie videos without that, you pretty much have to use a tripod and make sure you’re in the frame before you even turn the camera on. (ask me how I know!!) That said, one of the biggest requirements for Youtubers and daily vloggers when selecting a new video camera, is the ability to have a front facing screen to make sure you’re in the shot when recording.

You often don’t realize how much you move around, move your hands, etc… Having autofocus and image tracking is a HUGE plus, that way the camera automatically locks on to your face, and creates those cool depth of field shots when you move around. The two best rated point and shoots for this are the Canon G7x Mark II, and the Sony RX 100 Mark IV. Below we’ll cover the cheapest vlog cameras with a flip out screen, all the way to the high end models from Sony and Canon.

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to decide which vlog camera is right for you and your budget. Top 3 Vlogging Cameras With A Flip Out Viewfinder The Cheapest Vlogging Cameras With A Flip Screen Sony a5100 16-50mm Mirrorless Digital Camera with 3-Inch Flip Up LCD (Black) Quick Specs: Ultra-fast auto focus with 179 AF points and 6Fps Capture life in high resolution with 24MP APS-C sensor Instant sharing via smartphone with Wi-Fi® and NFC1 Record Full HD 1080/24/60P video3 up to 50MB/s Contains- Rechargeable Battery (NP-FW50) AC Charger (AC-UB10) Lens cap Shoulder strap Micro USB cable See It On Amazon  Panasonic DMC-ZS45 LUMIX 20X Zoom Camera with Wink-Activated Selfie Feature (Black) Quick Specs: Long 20X zoom [24-480mm] brings the scene in close Wide-angle lens, flip-up LCD and wink-activated shutter make selfies a snap Built-in Wi-Fi links to a smartphone for remote control and on-the-spot mobile sharing See It On Amazon Samsung NX Mini 20.

5MP CMOS Smart WiFi & NFC Mirrorless Digital Camera with 9mm Lens and 3″ Flip Up LCD Touch Screen (Black) Quick Specs: 20.5MP BSI CMOS Sensor for high-quality images and life like colors with crystal clear resolution Stylishly slim (22.5mm), & impressively light (158g) Share your best photos instantly with Family and Friends with Built-in Wi-Fi with NFC SMART features – Social Media Upload, E-mail, Photo beam, DirectLink, MobileLink, PC Auto-backup, Remote Viewfinder PRO, AllShare, Baby Monitoring 1080p HD Video See It On Amazon Nikon COOLPIX S6900 16MP Full HD 1080p Digital Ultimate Selfie Camera w/ 12X Zoom Flip-Out Screen Wi-Fi (Black)(Certified Refurbished) Quick Specs: This Certified Refurbished product is manufacturer refurbished it shows limited or no wear, Includes all original accessories plus a 90-day warranty 12x optical zoom/24x Dynamic Fine Zoom NIKKOR lens Flip out screen, built-in kickstand and front shutter button for taking great selfies Built-in Wi-Fi and NFC (Near Field Communication) for wirelessly sharing photos to a compatible smartphone or tablet Gesture Control lets you take photos or videos with hand movements See It On Amazon The Most Popular Point And Shoot Vlogging Camera Youtubers Use [embedded content] [embedded content] Canon PowerShot G7X The G7X is the perfect balance of portability and image quality you can take with you anywhere! Throw it in your purse or shorts pocket, and off you go to capture your awesome travel destinations or shoot your daily vlog video out and about! The PowerShot G7 X is a premium high-performance camera that puts exciting and impressive capabilities in a sophisticated, compact package.

It starts with the sensor: a large and light-grabbing 1.0-inch, 20.2 Megapixel* High-Sensitivity CMOS sensor powered by Canon’s latest generation DIGIC 6 Image Processor for beautifully rendered low-light photography up to ISO 12800. The IS lens is a f/1.8 (W) – f/2.8 (T) that puts more in your frame while staying bright to the maximum 4.2x Optical Zoom (24mm–100mm), with a 9-blade circular aperture diaphragm for artistic background blur, and a minimum focus range of just 5cm for precise macro shooting.

Wi-Fi®**- and NFC-enabled***, the PowerShot G7 X is selfie-ready with a high-resolution multi-angle capacitive 3.0-inch touch panel LCD. Shooting is a joy with High-Speed AF (0.14 sec.), 31 AF points, full-resolution continuous shooting up to 6.5 fps and 1080p/60p HD video. Designed to provide stellar images, the PowerShot G7 X is a compact digital camera powered to inspire your most impressive photography.

And it delivers. Similar to the sensors in many EOS digital SLR cameras, including a 3:2 aspect ratio, the PowerShot G7 X’s sensor has bigger individual cells, capturing more light at the pixel level. This sensor helps produce more dramatic images with better detail, even at higher ISOs, utilizing an improved dynamic range while reducing noise and distortion. The Two Best Point And Shoot Cameras For Vlogging Sony RX 100 Mark IV The Sony RX 100 Mark IV is one of the most popular cameras among Youtubers.

It shoots slightly more crisp that the Canon G7X, and the audio is a little better in my opinion. Is it worth the extra $200 dollars though? We’ll leave that up for you to decide… Personally I don’t think so. Check It Out On Amazon Canon G7X Mark II If you’re looking for the best value vlog camera for the money, and that’s DSLR quality in a point and shoot chassis, the G7X Mark II is it.

At $600 dollars, you get a lot of bang for your buck. If I were to upgrade my camera today, this is the model I would by. Check It Out On Amazon Check out these popular comparison reviews of the RX 100 VS G7X [embedded content] [embedded content] For a more comprehensive review of vlogging cameras that come with flip out screens in wider price ranges, see these 4 vlogging cameras with a flip screen for sale on Amazon.

The Best Entry Level Dslr For Vlogging With A Flip Screen [embedded content] [embedded content] I really like the comparison review above, and out of those selections, here are the most affordable ways to emulate those different production levels. (note – I personally use my iphone 6 with these photography lights and it works great) Canon T6i Creators Kit With External Rode Mic The Canon T6i isn’t much different than the T5i, but the significant upgrades include the 19 point auto-focus system, and the 24 megapixel system.

The only con with this kit, is the lack of continuous auto-focus for shooting moving objects. The t6s however fixes this, and is closer to the professional DSLR lineup, like the Canon 70d in terms of operating specs. The Rode mic is a considerable upgrade in quadio quality however, no point and shoot built in mic is going to come close! Iphone / Samsung Smartphone With Lighting Kit When I first started making videos, I didn’t know you could boost the quality of your smartphone camera enough to make HD quality youtube videos with a simple set of softbox photography lights.

A set of these $100 dollar lights, and a cheap tripod, and you’re in business! Check my setup page to see exactly which iphone mount and softbox lighting kit I use for my youtube videos. #1 Best Rated Vlogging Camera With A Flip Out Screen Canon PowerShot G7X WiFi Enabled This is by far my favorite point and shoot style camera for vlogging. But don’t let the manufacturers fool you… This camera is too heavy to toss in your shorts pocket, though it will fit size wise.

At $600 the quality of video you get is nothing short of amazing.  It performs very well in low light, has one of the best auto-focus in the industry, and comes standard with a flip up screen. The only con is the auto focus ring making a clicking sound that your audio sometimes picks up. I haven’t personally found it to be a problem however, and other than that, this is the best mid end vlogging camera out there.

With touch screen auto focus to lock in on an object, those cool depth of field shots you normally only see on DSLR’s are now easy to create with little no to no photography skills. The flip out screen also makes this a breeze! If this camera is within your budget, this is the best compact camera for vloggers on the market, and will last you for many years to come without needing to upgrade. Check Price & Amazon Reviews Quick Specs: New 1.

0-inch, 20.2 MP High-Sensitivity CMOS Sensor combined with Canon’s powerful DIGIC 6 Image Processor f/1.8(W)-f/2.8(T), 4.2x optical Zoom (24mm-100mm), 9-blade iris diaphragm and IS equipped lens Selfie-ready multi-angle capacitive 3.0″ touch panel LCD Capture stunning 1080p/60p Full HD video with up to 60 fps IMPORTANT NOTE: Please refer to the Product Description section for troubleshooting information.

Built-in Wi-Fi and NFC [embedded content] [embedded content] Canon 70D Creators Kit One of Youtube’s most popular daily vloggers uses and recommends the Canon 70D. With the creators kit bundle, you get almost everything mentioned in the video above minus the hand held mount. If you want the best in video production for your daily vlogs, this is the setup for you that you won’t outgrow anytime soon! The audio and video quality will be on par with all the top youtubers, and there’s really nothing else you need in your arsenal to produce high end HD videos.

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