Asus Laptop Black Screen On Startup

Picture of Asus Laptop Black Screen On Startup

I did all of that but its still the same...I held the f2 key for nearly 10minsOh it seems that a screen says aptio setup utility is that it?Ok...I have no idea what happened but apparently a screen appeared saying "reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key"I restarted it and it went to the original problem again

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RAsto said: Same problem occurred with my k55v after battery ran out. When I plugged adapter and tried to boot, the screen remained black with no sign of asus logo or even backlight. Like it wasnt even plugged to motherboard. As I found out, lot of ASUS notebooks share this problem. After 5 hours i finally managed to successfully boot to windows.These are the options I tried and you should probably too:1.

Unplug the battery and adapter , hold power butom for about a minute then plug AC adapter back and boot.2. Dissassemble notebook, remove CMOS battery, put it back after a while then reassemble and boot.3. Plug adapter, switch the notebook on and let it run for few minutes, then repeat no. 14. Let notebook run for few minutes under blanket or wherever you can cover airflow so it will overheat a little.

5. (worked for me) Absolutely dissassemble notebook (even cooler and heatpipes) and reflow chipset and gpu. Only source of appropriate heat i currently had was hair dryer (1400W) and i blew hot air on MB for few minutes and it was enough   After reassembly everything worked   I have an Asus A53S with many of the same problems mentioned above. My problem with this laptop is that everything seems to be in working order except for the screen not coming on.

Fans run, hdd boots up, cd drive will attempt to read disks, power button works...I cannot get any screen reading, nor can I get any beeps or sound out of the speakers.All this trouble occurred right before I replaced the ac jack on the MB. I figured the MB wouldn't boot properly to protect itself from variable electrical current. Now that I have it replaced, I'm trying everything to get this thing running again.

I've tried the CMOS battery, replacing it, taking it out, etc. Removed ram, removed hdd, removed cd drive, removed keyboard, removed battery, removed ac and run off battery. I've even tried the power button trick.The only significant thing that I can tell is that when you plug in the ac cord, the laptop starts up by itself, letting me know the BIOS is still working (start after failure), but since I cannot even get an external monitor to work with it, I cannot change any BIOS settings.

And when I press the power button, I have to hold it in order to turn it off, which usually means its not hanging at BIOS input, but I could be wrong.My last resort is to cycle through this list once more, or start messing with the display wires. I see that there is some twisting of the monitor wire inside the casing, but in reality, there are a LOT of tiny wires inside the sheathed coil that I really don't want to open up like a biopsy.

I'll be back with the results of that list, and hopefully something will work. If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to drop them in. I'm all ears here.UPDATE: Went through the entire list once, still no luck. Everything is the same, with no screen display or sounds. I'm losing my mind here with this thing. Could it be that the screen is not coming on due to the sensor that detects if the laptop is closed or not? Could the sensor be malfunctioning?

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