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We go the extra mile. We proudly support our students and their families who are active military service members or military veterans. Our goal for you: Successfully adjust to the academic environment and, ultimately, obtain meaningful civilian employment. Visit the Veteran Services Center at the Marietta campus.

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SSCI partners with volunteer driven organizations throughout the United States to provide the guidance and assistance needed to implement a comprehensive, and effective background screening program. This program will address the concerns for the safety and security of children and other vulnerable groups. Our national partners and loyal clients continue to choose SSCI due to our commitment to provide the most cost effective and user friendly background screening program.

  We have set the standard for background checks with our programs that have been adopted and implemented by over 1,500 park and recreation agencies and numerous youth sports organizations. We are also the preferred provider for many of the National Governing Bodies of the United States Olympic Committee.  At SSCI, we would never accept a less comprehensive, database only, criminal record search and neither should you!

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