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iPhone screen repair pricing The following screen repair prices apply if: You need to replace your screen due to accidental damage or mishandling. Accidental damage isn't covered by the Apple warranty.  Your iPhone screen gets broken while it's still under warranty and you don't have AppleCare+ coverage. Your screen stops working and your iPhone isn't covered by the Apple warranty, consumer law, or AppleCare+.

If your iPhone has additional damage that's not limited to the screen, see the "Other damage" fees. iPhone model Screen repair only Other damage iPhone X $ 279 $ 549 iPhone 8 Plus $ 169 $ 399 iPhone 8  $ 149 $ 349 iPhone 7 Plus $ 169 $ 349 iPhone 7 $ 149 $ 319 iPhone 6s Plus $ 169 $ 329 iPhone 6s $ 149 $ 299 iPhone 6 Plus $ 149 $ 329 iPhone 6 $ 129 $ 299 iPhone SE $ 129 $ 269 iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c,iPhone 5 $ 129 $ 269 iPhone 4s See "other damage" fee $ 199 iPhone 4 See "other damage" fee $ 149 iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G See "other damage" fee $ 149 All prices are in US dollars and are subject to tax.

We'll add a $6.95 shipping fee if we need to ship your iPhone. If we need to replace your iPhone, the replacement will be new or equivalent to new. If your original iPhone was severely damaged by accident or abuse, you might have to pay the full replacement value. Identify your iPhone model See iPhone service pricing in another country Screen repair and accidental damage fees with AppleCare+ AppleCare+ includes two incidents of accidental damage coverage.

You can use an incident for screen repair or for other damage to your iPhone. Each incident has a service fee, as shown. The following prices are for Apple screen repairs with AppleCare+ accidental damage coverage. iPhone model Screen repair only (AppleCare+) Other damage (AppleCare+) All iPhones with AppleCare+ $29 $99 All prices are in US dollars and are subject to tax. We'll add a $6.95 shipping fee if we need to ship your iPhone.

If you don’t have AppleCare+, see our out-of-warranty fees. Learn more about AppleCare+ Battery service - United States Your iPhone battery service might be covered by your warranty, an AppleCare plan, or consumer law. Otherwise, you’ll pay an out-of-warranty fee for battery service, as shown below. Battery service In-warranty or with AppleCare+ Out of warranty iPhone SE,iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus,iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus,iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus,iPhone X $0 $29 * All other eligible models $0 $79 * Through December 31, 2018, the out-of-warranty battery service fee is $29 for all eligible iPhone 6 or later models.

Battery service at $29 may be limited to one repair per iPhone. All prices are in US dollars and are subject to tax. We'll add a $6.95 shipping fee if we need to ship your iPhone. Start a battery replacement service request Other services Your iPhone might need other repairs, such as the Home button, the rear camera, or liquid damage. You might be able to use an incident of AppleCare+ accidental damage coverage for these repairs.

  Not all issues are repairable. If your iPhone has catastrophic damage from an accident or it’s inoperable after unauthorized modifications, you might need to buy a replacement.  Contact Apple Support Return to the iPhone service page Check your coverage What to expect When you request screen repair or battery replacement, we’ll put a temporary authorization on your credit card to cover the maximum repair fee.

This authorization will cover any additional damage we might find during the repair. If your iPhone has no additional damage, we'll charge only the requested screen repair or battery service fee.

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The iPhone 6 comes with a 4.7-inch LCD display with a pixel density of 326 PPI. The screen also has a Sapphire Crystal glass, that protects it from damages and scratches. The display on iPhone 6 reproduces accurate colours. Also, the display does not trouble you, when viewed under direct sunlight.  This device comes with an 8-megapixel iSight rear-facing camera. It has a large sensor and a big pixel size, that allows more light to get in, resulting in good low-light pictures.

It can also record full-HD (1920x1080) videos at 60 FPS to ensure smooth video recording without any jitters. You can make high quality video calls using the front-facing 1.2-megapixel HD camera but it isn’t that great for selfie maniacs. Although there isn’t much difference between the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus in terms of hardware other than the larger screen size, the former lacks OIS.

The reason for this is that the sensor was too large to fit into the body of the iPhone 6. While most users won’t miss the feature due to good performance of the iSight camera. However, it would have been even better if OIS was also included.

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