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Why buy Atlantic Aluminum Products' Extrusion? AAP has been installing residential and commercial enclosure products since 1996. As our business grew, our customers demanded higher quality paint finishes and extrusion. Realizing this demand could not be met from distributors and suppliers, we had our own dies and extrusion made. We now stock over 200 tons of a wide selection of screen porch extrusion products. 

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Extruded Aluminum Porch Screen Frame In our heavy duty extruded porch screen material for larger doors, you'll find a selection of screening materials and frames, as well as the SCREENEZE porch screening system. Whether durability is a concern or you want something functional and decorative at the same time, we have exactly what you need. Our custom built screen panels for replacement sliding screen doors are strong, easy to construct and install, and provide the professional look you want, including insect screening selections.

Apex Products is dedicated to carrying exclusive products, including insect screening, that are made to help you make your porch, sunroom, lanai, or patio area more enjoyable and functional. You can avoid problems like insects and other outdoor debris invading your area while still enjoying the sounds, smells, and feel of the outdoors when you use these top quality porch screen material with perfectly matched porch screen frame options.

Read more about our products and get started on your replacement sliding screen doors today!

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